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Libby moved to Durant in June 2016 and is an active community member.  Her mission is to help develop a sustainable society that works with nature and benefits all people.  She has a bachelor degree in entrepreneurship and small business management with a minor in environmental policy from Ball State University, and a master degree in geography from Marshall University.  Her professional background includes teaching, planning, project development, activism, and writing blended with a life-long study of environmental issues.  She is especially interested in public education, small town planning, green homes, and in helping to launch innovative small businesses that complement the local economy.  She is the coordinator and teacher of the Durant Green School Program, an innovative environmental education and activism program within the Durant Independent School District. 


Libby lives with her husband, Matt, and son, Balance.  She has two step-daughters, Lexi and Megan.  She enjoys hiking, creativity, music, gardening, and having fun with friends and family.



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