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Think committees, but way more passionate and action-oriented. Crews are our way of organizing and executing initiatives in a wide variety of areas. The projects carried out by Crews are meant to strengthen the sense of place in Durant and make our city better for all living and visiting here.

Anyone interested in getting involved in Imagine Durant is welcome to join a crew that speaks to your passions, talents, or budding interests.

If you see a crew you'd like to check out, you can email Imagine Durant directly to learn more about what the Crew is working on or check out our Imagine Durant calendar for details about crew-specific meeting locations and times.

Vibrant & Thriving Community

Why we exist: To provide progressive and intentional community planning around infrastructure, beautification, and economic growth.

Sustainable Durant
Broadband Internet
The Start Up {Small Business Resource Development}
Community Development

Things we care about:

  • Developing a proactive plan for infrastructure that creates a vibrant economy and grows community.

  • Developing a thriving economy that encourages small business, entrepreneurship, and supports work force development.

  • Encouraging community pride through engaging community members, providing opportunities for personal expression, and collective enrichment.

Healthy & Connected Culture

Why we exist: To increase excellence in livability, with opportune neighborhoods, great dining and entertainment experiences, and a healthy, active setting where citizens build relationships with one another.

Mental Health
Housing Initiative

Things we care about:

  • Creating healthy environments by developing a community master plan & plans for mature, revitalized neighborhoods and well developed new housing.

  • Connecting people with one another through arts, sports, food, faith and community activities so caring for one another is a spiritual outcome

  • Improving quality of life (as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing) through improving health measure results, accessibility and affordability.

Learning & Growth for All Citizens

Why we exist: To provide a continuous journey of learning for every generation resulting in enriched lives and families. 

Vote 580
Lead 580

Things we care about:

  • Growing citizen participation, education and income opportunities especially in marginalized and less advantaged socio and economic areas.

  • Creating a world-class educational system that is demand driven, responsive to the needs to Durant businesses and communities, fosters innovation and facilitates entrepreneurship.

  • Developing people by recruiting and retaining the next generation of talent & community leaders by connecting all generations with leadership development with core values.

Stay up to date

Interested in staying up to date with crew news? Sign up for crew specific newsletters here.

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