Janet E. Garrett is a 4th generation Durant native. She and her husband Dennis have 4 children (all Durant High graduates), 7 grandchildren, and 3 foster grandchildren. Janet is the Vice President of First Texoma National Bank and Treasurer for Imagine Durant.  Janet and Dennis feel blessed to be able to have returned to Durant and raise their family here. They are members of Fusion Church.


Her visions for Durant include a sense of pride to return to the citizens, mainly for our kids. “I’m not sure where or when it seemed to wane, but we have superb educational systems and facilities, yet we can’t seem to get the town behind the public school activities, nor our college activities. We have talented young people willing to perform, both athletically and artistically, but yet very few will attend their events. Part of what I remember growing up in Durant was the community participation-painting window to encourage teams, wearing red on DHS game days, blue and gold on SOSU game days, filling an auditorium for a concert or play, and the stadiums and arenas filled to capacity. The participants are bringing home award after award-just imagine how they would feel with the community’s full support and attendance. The other is a better system of avenue for wellness among the community. We have many that are out and about on our streets running, walking, biking, etc., but there are few lanes, sidewalks, or pathways provided for their safety. I believe we have beautiful areas in our community where we can accomplish a safe environment.


Janet is incredibly encouraged by those that have sent ideas or pictures for things they would like to see for Durant, and encourages others to let us know what you Imagine for Durant. 



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